Wednesday, October 14, 2020

2020 Holiday - Day 1 (Monday)

We normally go for our annual holiday earlier during the year, during the cooler months - April or May, but with the Covid-19 lockdown regulations, it was just not possible this year. We had originally planned to spend some time up the West Coast.

When we eventually were allowed to travel again, we decided to keep it really simple this year - both in time spent away from home and distance from home. I have often talked of making  a trip down to the Fish Hoek area for a day visit, and Jacqui suggested that maybe that should be our destination for the holiday.

We aren't the easiest people to cater for, with one of our main considerations being whether the place we stayed at had a king-sized bed. Neither of us are small people and we simply enjoy the extra space it allows to get a good night's rest. Next on the requirements list is a wi-fi connection, and finally the ability to have the option of watching the news on TV in the evenings. On-site parking is an added benefit.

So automatically a large number of accommodation options gets eliminated, and sometimes we get what we want with the rest of the offering slightly inferior to what we would like. My favourite accommodation search engine is - their presentation of what's on offer is for me the most comprehensive and normally answers most of the questions one might have.

And this time we narrowed our search down to one major possibility - "On the rocks" in Sunny Cove, Fish Hoek. What a gem! Not only does it have everything we need and want, there is a view and a lock-up garage thrown in! And on top of it all - a friendly and accommodating hostess! There is a large bedroom, tiny bathroom, and small living area - all beautifully equipped. And then two balconies - one small one leading out from the living area, and an under-cover one leading from the bedroom. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and can recommend the place unreservedly!

After we left home, we took a nice leisurely drive through to Fish Hoek, this time opting for the route along the Main Road from Muizenberg rather than taking Boyes Drive. We had a relaxed lunch in Fish Hoek itself and contacted our hostess as we left for the venue. She was waiting for us when we arrived, after opening the garage door, situated on Simonstown Road.

We spent the rest of the day just unpacking and relaxing, planning our routes for the rest of the trip, had a drink or two and a light supper, and took some photographs of the accommodation and the view from the small balcony.

Here are a few photos.

This is the view of the under-cover patio as one walks out of the garage. The door to the bedroom is on the right.

The view of the same patio, but this time from the sea end.

The bedroom and en-suite bathroom.

Living area leading to the second patio. Not seen is a cupboard/shelf unit with kettle, cups and saucers, etc. and tea, coffee and sugar.

Part of the view from the second patio.

Close-up of the opposite side of the bay, with the Kalk Bay lighthouse just in view.

The 4 o'clock Metrorail passenger train on its way from Fish Hoek.

Paddlers on their way out of the bay for an evening training run.
Beautiful early evening to end the day

Unusually for this time of year, the evening was actually extremely cold. Both Jacqui and I froze our butts off that night, but there were plenty of warm extra blankets available, and we made use of them for the remaining part of our stay.

To be continued.....


  1. Great that you folks are supporting "Local is Lekka" Lovely part of the Cape and hopefully you had weather to match your needs (seems like there were quite a bit of clouds around)

    1. Thanks Daniel - never difficult to support local! Especially when it's a s good as this. And the weather proved to be quite interesting - as the next post will show!

  2. Looking forward to the next instalment. My early childhood memories of arriving in SA was this area, Clovelly, Simonstown and Fish Hoek.

    1. Thanks for your visit - and comment. Appreciate it. Just as a matter of interest, how did you come across this blog post?

    2. Hi Rob - I followed the link from FB - You probably don't recognise my Google name:) Frances. Looks like Jacqui and you had a great holiday.

    3. Hi Frances - ok - thanks! Would never have guessed from the Google name. Still trying to work out where the "M" fits in :)


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