Saturday, December 31, 2016

Tygerberg Photographic Society - November 2016

Ok - Final blog post for 2016! And the final TPS meeting for 2016. It wasn't the greatest way to end the year - three Silver awards and one Bronze award, but at least it's good motivation to do better next year! Again - please click on the images for the large versions.

Set subject for November was "Action". A really difficult subject to find something different to shoot. Both my shots were taken at the Zone 7 Speed Spot just off the N7. I quite like both images, but both received Silver ratings, mainly because the judge found the backgrounds distracting.

This was my entry in the print section.

And then this one in the digital section:

                                                                                                                                                                            For the open digital section, I chose two monochrome images. The first one was of a selection of sea shells. To get the reflections, I set them up on my iPad. I like the image, but can see why it didn't get Gold.

The final image was also taken at Theewaterskloof Dam. I titled it "Desperate for that rain", wanting to highlight the clouds and the fact that we get so many promises of rain without the rain materialising, as can be seen from the dam levels. Anyway, the judge wanted to see more detail in the sand in front (?) and didn't like the image at all, hence the Bronze rating. But you know what? - I like it anyway!

So all that's left now is to wish all you lovely people who have taken time out to read my ramblings this past year. I wish you all the most magnificent 2017 - may it be the best year ever! Take care.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Tygerberg Photographic Society - October 2016

October's set subject was "Reflections". We had three of our top photographers sharing duties as judges for the evening, and they did a fantastic job!

For my print entry, I chose a photo taken at the Theewaterskloof Dam. I really like the feel of the image, and luckily so did the judges. My first of two Gold awards for the evening.

My digital entry for the set subject section was taken at the Thesen Islands residential complex. It's a really beautifully conceived development and this image, taken from under one of the road bridges, reflects a typical scene there. This image received a Silver award.

My pride and joy for the evening, however, is this photo taken of one of Jacqui's beautiful display of Spring flowers. It is just a simple anemone, but the colours are absolutely amazing, and the stacking process (7 photos) worked really well. The image scored Gold and was the winner in the print open category.

My final entry, in the digital open section, was taken during a day trip to the Rawsonville area. Again, I really love the feel of the image, and it displays the incredible contrast in people's values. The housing and living conditions are by no stretch of the imagination the greatest, yet satellite TV has to be had! The judges found the image too "busy", and it received a Silver rating.

Just one more TPS meeting for the year to cover and hopefully I will post the commentary tomorrow and start 2017 off with a clean slate!

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