Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tygerberg Photographic Society - June 2015

At last some success again! After two dismal months, the submissions this month produced three Golds and one Silver rating.

The set subject for the month was "Architecture/Abandoned buildings". For the print entry I submitted a photo of the Swakopmund jetty - a photo that I really like. It was taken one evening just as the mist was about to come in and it's got a bit of a surreal feel to it. It's called "Reaching out".

For the digital entry, a photo taken from the top of the restaurant (it can be seen at the end of the jetty above), looking back into the town of Swakopmund was the choice, but this image only received a Silver rating. What I enjoy about the photo is the strength and power displayed, but understand that it's not nearly in the same class as the photo above. This one is named "Looking back".

For the open section, I chose one of my favourite images from our recent Namibian holiday. It's of a dune very close to Dune 45 as Sossusvlei, and features some lovely flowing lines. It also highlights the huge contrasts that are to be found in the area. Not surprisingly, the photo is named "Contrasts".

For the final open submission, I decided to submit a stacked macro image of a Bougenvilla. I thought more images were involved, but looking back I see that only three different shots were used to combine for the final image. The stacking process is used to ensure that all parts of the subject are in focus. It is named "Vibrant".

Now for next month's challenge!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Tygerberg Photographic Society - May 2015

And I thought last month was bad!!! Four entries this month, and not one gold rating!

The set subject for the month was "Movement". I spent quite a lot of time trying to think of something different to use which would depict or demonstrate movement. Eventually I chose two items from our home, the first one being my main guitar. I spent quite some time setting up the shoot and then again editing the final image. This was the choice for my print entry. Here it is, and named "Vibrating G-string":

I love its simplicity, the shapes and angles, and the clean lines of the image, but the judge didn't, and the shot scored a silver rating.

For my digital submission, I chose to try and capture the movement of the pendulum inside an old clock that had been awarded during the second world war to my grandfather on my Mom's side. The clock is still going strong, and made a really interesting subject. Well - at least I thought so! But again, the judge didn't. In fact it took him at least a full minute to see the pendulum! The image was titled "A split second", as it was taken with a shutter speed of 0,6 seconds. A silver rating followed. See what you think:

For the open section, I knew I was taking a chance. Personally I love both these images, but realise they aren't everyone's cup of tea. The first was taken at the beach at Van Riebeeckstrand, in front of our flat. Jacqui and I were sitting on the balcony on a warm and sunny day, when all of a sudden the infamous West Coast mist decided to make an appearance! There were people on the beach enjoying the sunshine, and they were really caught unawares. I rushed downstairs with my camera, and was able to take this image of a couple who were to pack up and leave about two minutes after I had taken the shot. My thanks to my wife, Jacqui, for the title (which I thought was really amusing) - "Umbrellas in the mist".

And finally to the dog of the evening! According to the judge, the image had no focal point, was just a record shot, and had little merit, and so he gave it a bronze rating. But I still love the image! Some of what the judge had to say might be correct, but for me it's still special, and is just simply about the gorgeous light - the light in the sky and on the trees. Which is why I titled it "Thunderstorm lighting". It was taken from our patio during a thunderstorm and here it is:

So - another poor evening - three silvers and a bronze. Seven points out of a possible twelve. But I suppose it could have been worse!

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