Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tygerberg Photographic Society - September 2015

Still not great results, but an improvement over August! September's entries ended up with two Gold ratings, and two Silver ratings.

The set subject for the month was "Scapes - all kinds". 

For my print entry, I decided to use a scene from the Meerendal Wine Farm that I took earlier this year for the "Sunrise/Sunset" competition. It really was a stunning morning, and came up really nicely in printed form. And it received a Gold rating. Here it is:

Our Namibian trip in June again came to my rescue when selecting an image for the Set subject digital section. This was taken at The "Dune 45" location outside Sesriem, and is one of my favourites from the trip. The judge also liked it and gave it a Gold.

For the Open section, I entered two of my personal favourite images, both taken some time ago. I didn't think they would get Gold ratings (although I thought maybe the cherries had a chance), but like them and decided to take a chance and see what the judge thought. Both received Silver ratings and I guess I'm happy with that.

It's obvious which of the images is the cherries one, but the other I titled "Scattered thoughts abstract". I just love the different vibrant colours and patterns, and in a weird way find it very pleasing and peaceful! It was taken through the windscreen at an automated carwash!

Tygerberg Photographic Society - August 2015

Well - July was always going to be a hard act to follow, and so it proved. The set subject for the month was Nature or Wildlife, with no manipulation of images allowed.

As usual, please click on the images for the large versions.

For the "Open print" section, I chose a photograph of a Strelitzia flower, very kindly given to me by one of the neighbours in my suburb. This was the only image of the four submitted that received a Gold rating. Here it is:

The judge made the comment that if one was going to use water to enhance the image (which I did), one should make sure that the whole flower has droplets. They were there, but droplets on vertical sections are just not as obvious as those on the horizontal sections.

For the "Set Subject print" section, I submitted a photograph taken at Kirstenbosch, using a neutral density filter to create a milky water effect. The judge thought that the image contained too many distractions, and it received a silver rating.

The two digital submissions also only received silver ratings. Unfortunately I was full of 'flu when the meeting took place, and as I felt my coughing was disturbing everyone, I left during the break. So I didn't get to hear the judge's comments on the images.

For the "Open digital" section, I submitted a photograph taken near Jonkershoek in Stellenbosch, on the grounds that house the Postcard Cafe. I have driven past the area many times without going inside the grounds, and it was thanks to a TPS outing that I was introduced to the area - absolutely beautiful!

Finally, for the "Set Subject digital" section, I chose a photo from our recent Namibian trip. The vast and barren area really fascinated me, and I thought this image was typical of the area.

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