Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Breakfast run - Wednesday 8 July 2020

Grabouw farm

It is the Wednesday before the big storm about to arrive in the Western Cape (and possibly further into South Africa and perhaps even parts of Namibia) on Thursday 9 July.

So we decided to make use of a beautiful day to have a short day trip - one that would incorporate our favourite breakfast and a drive in the country.

Obviously the breakfast had to be Eggs Benedict at the Hartlief Deli in Hermanus - without question the best Eggs Benedict (or breakfast, for that matter!) to be found anywhere! On our trip along Sir Lowry's Pass, the N2 took us just past the turnoff to Grabouw, and at one of the farms on the left-hand side we saw the mounds pictured above - we think they were mounds of compost, emitting steam caused by the internal heat. 6 degrees Celcius outside - at around 9 o'clock in the morning - it was cold, but very pretty! Worth stopping for.

From there straight on to Hermanus and Hartlief for yet another scrumptious breakfast. Crispy potato rosti base, with stacks of bacon, topped with rocket, two poached eggs, and Hollandaise Sauce, and a mild garnish of chopped chives. Sneak peak:

Eggs Benedict

After a cup of cappuccino each, we decided to take the long route home - along the R320 to Caledon (another beautiful drive and well worth the time if you haven't tried it), and then home. Total round trip - three and a half hours.

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