Sunday, December 27, 2015

Tygerberg Photographic Society - November 2015

The last monthly meeting for 2015. This is the meeting where the Society's AGM takes place before the viewing of the images. The images are then judged by three senior members of the society, and an average score is allocated. No comments are made due to time constraints.

The set subject for the month was "Night photography", defined as anything photographed after the sun goes down and before it rises the next morning. Which gives one quite a bit of leeway.

For my print, I decided on an image taken during our holiday to Namibia earlier this year. We loved our short stay in Swakopmund, and the evening we spent taking images of the jetty was memorable indeed. Gold rating.

For the digital entry, I chose an image taken at the Durbanville Hills Winery. This is the pathway from the parking area leading up to the Winery. Silver rating.

In the Open print section, my image was a "stack" of five different photos of a selection of wild oats collected from a nearby field. I was able to set up a decent black background to make the subject stand out nicely. I really love this shot - it's simple and "delicate"! It received a Gold rating.

For the Open digital entry, I decided on an experimental image that was taken from Van Riebeeckstrand, where the sunset was "panned". Maybe not the most exciting of images, but it was worth a try - I quite like the "lined" effect that is created by the panning motion.

And so we move on to the 2016 challenges, after the completion of my second year with the Society. It's been a fabulous two years and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved at the Society, plus all the guest judges that have given up their time for us, for all the help and support over the period. It has been invaluable!

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